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In the Pharmaceutical industry, drug dissolution testing is routinely used to provide in vitro drug release to assess batch to batch consistency of solid oral dosage forms such as tablets & capsules to predict in vivo drug profiles.


Particle Size Analyzer

Based on a Trilaser system for a wet & dry method, the Particle Size Analyser of Microtrac S3500 and M - Sizer AS - 2011 are one of the major instruments at our Lab. It has many applications & usage for particle size testing of various kinds of pharmaceutical products, pigments, bulk drugs, speciality chemicals.


High-Performance Liquid Chromatography [HPLC]

Bee Pharmo offers a very effective HPLC system with an UV, PDA, florenscene & RI detector to detect impurity & active pharmaceutical ingredients in the provided sample. We have updated the system to latest versions of Clarity, Lab solution and Empower software [ 21 CFR Part 11 compliant] using high quality columns like Zorbax, Inertsil, Lichrocart and Chiral etc.


Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer [FTIR]

This tool has an optical system capable of providing monochromatic light in the region of 4000 to 400 cm. It is majorly used in the identification of drugs, raw material and primary packaging material.


Wet Chemistry Department

The prime objective of this department is to undertake an accurate and precise chemical analysis of Pharmaceutical, Chemicals and Water. Chemical tests are done as per latest Pharmacopoeia and inhouse methods and stringent requirements of quality for end user is maintained.


Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer [AAS]

It gives the accurate amount of elemental substances such as lead, mercury, sodium, potassium etc. Present in formulated products, raw materials and food nutrients.


Gas Liquid Chromatography [GLC] with Headspace

Bee Pharmo Lab uses standard quality GLC with Head Space analyzer and auto sampler. It proves to be an excellent detection methodology to estimate the purity, impurities and residual solvents or content of the substances, which have properties of vaporization at higher temperature.


r & d and stability studies

Along with the above facilities at Lab, we have two more departments’ i.e. R & D and Stability Studies. We formulate solutions such as method validations for present problems and strategize future plans e.g. shelf life on the basis of these two departments. These two pillars form a strong basis of our lab helping us work with accuracy.



  • Application of GCMS in broad range of areas.
  • Petrochemical & hydrocarbon anaylsis
  • Environmental analysis
  • pesticides & drug analysis
  • Food & fragrance analysis
  • Identifications of unknowns

LC MS / MS - waters xevo tqd h class uplc


  • Molecular weight determination
  • Structural determination
  • Pharmaceutical applications
    • Identification of metabolites
    • Detection of degradation products
  • Food applications
    • Identification of aflatoxin in food
    • Determination of vitamins in food & nutraceuticals. etc
    • Antibiotics in milk & milk products
    • NOTS in agricultors based foods
    • Pesticides in meat & meat products, cereals products, fish & fish products
    • Melamine analysis in milk & milk products
  • High Sensitivity detection at very low levels of adulterant in food


Microbiological Method Validation

Bee Pharmo follows an essential rule of checking the suitability of a method for the given product. We conduct this assessment using specific parameter

Microbiological Assay, Sterility:

The above aspects are a crucial part of testing. We make sure that all the samples pass the above tests to get a standard condition for comparison study so as to acquire accurate results.

Preservative Efficacy, Microbial Limit , Bioburden:

Experts at Bee Pharmo have a perfect knack of maintaining & detecting an excessive presence of hazardous elements.

Surgical Dressings and Medical Devices:

Our Labs are fully equipped with required materials for testing.

RWC Test, SC Test:

We have always been a trustworthy and reliable source when it comes to carrying out pivotal tests like RWC & SC Tests.

Bacterial Endotoxin (LAL Test):

Our team with a strong strategy has successfully carried out endotoxin test for various reputed clients.

Environmental count:

It consists of Air Sampling 0f Agar Plates & Agar Strips examined at standard climatic conditions.

Water Analysis:

Water analysis is conducted with all advanced tools & methodologies at Bee Pharmo.


Bee Pharmo conducts biological tests like

We are always alert when it comes to filtering & assessing the toxicity in the product. Our experts are always keen in spotting the toxic reaction of any product during testing.
It is the initial step to produce a condition for testing the effectiveness of the medicine. We carry it out with all the essential safety precautions and by taking utmost care for the animals used for testing.
We Carry out the Biological Assay of Heparin Sodium as per Indian Pharmacopia(IP), British Pharmacopia(BP), United States Pharmacopia(USP). The Potency of Heparin Sodium is determind by comparing the Concentration necessary to prevent the clotting of sheep plasma with the concentration of the Standard preparation of Heparin Sodium necessary to give the same effect.
We carry out this test to note the changes & effects that occur at every stage on the eye after applying the given medicine or a particular sample product. With all the necessary safety measures, we perform this test to get a perfect solution for problems related to eyes.
Drugs that show a relaxing effect on skin pass the Skin Irritation test. We only approve the products with the accurate mixture for the certification procedure.
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