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Bee Pharmo has been a trustworthy testing partner associated with reputed Pharmaceutical organisations for many years.
We have a well-equipped lab facilityas well a team of experts at work.


atomic absorption spectroscope with graphite furnace

This instrument is a perfect tool to detect trace / toxic elements / metals in food and water samples. The detection level is at ppb & sub ppb level.


HPLC with Fluorescence Detector, Kobra Cell and auto sampler

This technique give an accurate check on mycotoxins including Aflatoxins (B1, B2, G1 and G2) which are carcinogenic substances present in food samples. Thus testing of food and agricultural produce under this technique is what we prefer as a safe food. Also, Antioxidants and Preservatives present in food samples are tested with this instrument.


Ion chromatograph

Ion chromatograph separates ions and polar molecules based on their affinity to the ion exchanger. It works on almost any kind of charged molecules including large proteins, small nucleotides and amino acids. It is an ideal tool for determining trace contaminants of Oxyhalides such as bromates, chromates and nitrates, perchlorates etc. in drinking water supplied by municipal department as per EPA method and also in Packaged drinking water manufactured by different companies. Determination of Bromate in Bread & other food products and Ion concentration in Microbiological media can be carried out using Ion Chromatograph.


Water Analysis

A specially designed water lab assures to certify only safe mineral water packaged or purified. With the high consumption of packaged drinking water, it becomes crucial to detect hazardous elements & toxic pesticides residue if any, so as to ensure safety of consumers.



  • Application of GCMS in broad range of areas.
  • Petrochemical & hydrocarbon anaylsis
  • Environmental anaylsis
  • pesticides & drug anaylsis
  • Food & flavour analysis
  • fragrance analysis
  • Identifications of unknowns

LC MS / MS - waters xevo tqd h class uplc


  • Molecular weight determination
  • Structural determination
  • Pharmaceutical applications
    • Identification of metabolites
    • Detection of degradation products
  • Food applications
    • Identification of aflatoxin in food, Peanuts & peanut products
    • Determination of vitamins in feed & nutraceuticals, etc
    • Antibiotics & Contaminants in milk & milk products
    • NOTS in agriculture based foods
    • Pesticides in meat & meat products, cereals products, fish & fish products
    • Melamine analysis in milk & milk products
  • High Sensitivity detection at very low level of adulterant in food

Agriculture Testing Department

Different types of food grains and other agricultural product are tested for adulterants, contaminants, refractions, purity and wholesomeness. Only the qualified product which passes all the tests success- fully obtains validity and passing test certificate.


Wet Chemistry Department

The prime objective of this department is to undertake an accurate and precise chemical analysis of Food and Water. Chemical tests are done as per BIS/FSSAI/ISO/AOAC/AOCS/ICUMSA method and stringent requirements of quality for end user is maintained.


Protein Digestion Apparatus- Turbotherm Gerhardt

It’s a rapid digestion system. Its technological advancement provides with the exact percentage of protein and nitrogen in the given sample.


Gerhardt Protein, Fat and Fiber analyzers

These are applicable to find nutritional facts such as Protein, Fat and Fiber in food products. As well as it proves as an excellent tool in detecting the amount of adulterant like Urea. We label the exact value of a given food product on the basis of the findings from these sophisticated instruments.


Residual Pesticide / Solvent analyzer with Headspace (GCMS/MS)

Many times, pesticide / toxic solvent residues contaminate food and make them harmful and non-consumable too. The analyzer detects, identifies, quantifies and confirms the harmful residues in food products.


Microwave digestion system

Microwave digestion is a common technique used by our scientists to dissolve heavy metals in the presence of organic molecules prior to analysis by atomic absorption, or atomic emission measurements

Wherever a robust digestive system & sample preparation is required, it is fulfilled by the use of microwave digester.

It has wide applications in field of manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals, raw material, Chemicals, dyes, cements, ceramics and food.

Volatile elements like Arsenic, Mercury can be accurately determined with high recovery rate as compared to open, wet digestion with acid.

Digestion of hard to digest samples with acids is possible.

Microwave digester is a Fast and accurate system for reliable results.

Our Food Testing Facilities

  • Processed food products

  • Fruits & vegetables

  • Beverages

  • Spices

  • Pulses & cereal foods

  • Confectionery

  • Meat & meat products

  • Milk & milk products

  • Water

  • Medicinal plants

  • Seaweeds

  • Pharmaceutical Drugs

Analytical Services in brief

  • Water soluble vitamins (B1, B2, B3 and B6)

  • Fat soluble vitamins (A, D3, E, K1 and K3)

  • Food Additives by HPLC

  • Amino acids profile by HPLC

  • Food adulterants

  • Food contaminants

  • Food impurities

  • Trace metal analysis by AAS-Graphite / ICP-OES

  • Fatty acid profile by GC

  • Fatty acid – Cis / Trans by GC / FT-IR

  • EPA / DHA fatty acids in fat sample

  • Residual pesticide analysis by GC / GCMSMS / HPLC

  • Residual solvent analysis by GC / GCMSMS / HPLC

  • Antioxidants in food product by HPLC

  • Preservatives in food product by HPLC

  • Mycotoxins by TLC / HPLC

  • Flavonoids by TLC / HPLC

  • Elemental analysis in Food and Water product by

  • AAS-Graphite / ICP-OES

  • Mineral oils in water (FT-IR)

  • Nutritional facts in labeling of food products

  • Shelf life for food products

  • Drug sample assay

  • Drug residues

  • Antibiotic residues

  • Biological / Microbiological tests for food / drug products

Consultancy Services

We offer apt consultancy for setting up of Quality Testing Laboratory in Modern Rice Mills, Oil Industries, Food Industries, Mineral Water Packaging and Fruit Processing industries.

Future Goals and Vision

At Bee Pharmo, our dedicated and competent team has a belief to enhance our services with updations from time to time. We aim to bring up more and more innovative and technologically advanced concepts to the table.
Our organization has always strived to get ultra precise and accurate results only to certify the deserving products. Safety and health have been our primary objective and offering perfect enriched services is our mission.
We look forward to cater precise and accurate services to all our customers.

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