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Pharmacology Lab ,Microbiological Lab and biological Lab.

Food Lab

Different types of food grains and other agricultural produce are tested for adulterants

welcome to bee pharmo

Bee Pharmo has been a trustworthy testing partner associated with reputed Pharmaceutical organisations for many years. We have a well-equipped lab facility as well a team of experts at work.

We make sure to provide accurate results by conducting all the essential procedures in Pharmacology and Mi crobiology. At Bee Pharmo, we are bound to certify the excellent quality of food & medicinal products.


A company which started in 1987, proudly stands as a pioneer in the field of testing today. For over three decades we have been adept with changes taking place in the industry.


At Bee Pharmo, we provide accurate information using robust state of the art equipment combined with manpower expertise


To discover, develop and deliver innovative and accurate means of chemical and food testing


To play a pivotal role in bringing India on the Global Map by ensuring accurate testing means–meeting international standards of compliance



Oxytocin, Heparin, Pyrogens,Histamine, Oral-Systemic & Intracutaneous-Toxicity, Implantation,
Skin/Eye Irritation.


Preservative Challenge, Bioburden, Assays, Sterility.R.I. Detector for HPLC Assay of Carbohydrates,
eg. Sorbitol, Mannitol etc.

HPLC/HPTLC/TLC/GC/IR/UV-VIS/AAS, with Auto Sampler.Residual Solvents test by Head Space G.C.
Bacterial Endotoxins (LAL) Test.

Computerised 'HPTLC with Scanner' facility for Herbal Standardisation tests, and Impurity Profiles.
Atomic Absorption Spectrometry.Analytical Method Development and VALIDATION. Forced Degradation Studies.Dissolution Studies- Sustained Release

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